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A college professor claims that the proportion of students passing a statistics course is 80%. To test this claim, a random sample of 250 students who previously took the course is taken and it is determined that 221 students passed the course.

The following is the setup for this hypothesis test:

H0:p = 0.80

Ha:p ≠ 0.80

Find the test statistic for this hypothesis test for a proportion and round your answer to 2 decimal places.

Provide your answer below:



Expert Answer

Step 1

Test statistic for Z test can be calculated using the formula shown below.


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р-P Z= о |Р(1-Р) о — п

Step 2

Calculations can be performed on...


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A 1 Sample size (n) 250 2 Number of students from sample who passed 221 3 Sample proportion (p) B2/B1 4 Hypothesized Proportion (P) 0.8 5 Standard deviation (sigma) -SQRT((B4*(1-B4))/B1) (B3-B4)/B5 6 Test Statistic (Z) 7 8 1 Sample size (n) 2 Number of students from sample who passed 3 Sample proportion (p) 4 Hypothesized Proportion (P) 5 Standard deviation (sigma) 6 Test Statistic (Z) 250 221 0.884 0.8 0.025298221 3.320391543 7 8 10 co co a


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