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A compound of gallium with chlorine has a melting point of 77 ∘C∘C and a boiling point of 201 ∘C∘C.

Is the compound ionic or covalent?
What is a likely formula?
Express your answer as a chemical formula

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Step 1

Periodic table is the representation of the elements in the increasing order of their atomic number. It is divided into horizontal rows and vertical columns. The horizontal rows are known as periods while the vertical columns are known as groups. The periodic table has 18 groups and 7 periods respectively.

Step 2

Gallium and chlorine belong to group 13 and group 17. The atomic number of Ga and Cl is 31 and 17 respectively. The valence electron in Ga and Cl is 3 and 7.

Step 3

Gallium is a metal and chlorine is a non-metal. Therefore, the bond formed between the metal and non-m...

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