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A metallic ring of crossection 2.5 cm^2 mean radius 40 cm and relative permeability 1500 is wound uniformly with 3000 turns of wire. If a current of 1.6 A passes through the wire Find the magnetization of the ring.

a)2.3*10A/m    b) 2.5*10A/m    c) 2.9*106A/m  d) 3.3*106 A/m


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Step 1

The metallic ring is wound uniformly of wire. As a result, it is a toroid.

Step 2

The magnetic field at the ...


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В - 2лr (1500)(47T x107 T.m/A)(3000) (1.6A) 102m 27T 40 cm x cm 3.6T


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