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A quarterback takes the ball from the line of scrimmage, runs backwards for 12.0 yards, and then runs sideways parallel to the line of scrimmage for 12.5 yards. At this point, he throws a 52.0-yard forward pass straight downfield, perpendicular to the line of scrimmage. How far (in yards) is the football from its original location?



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Step 1

Consider the displacement of the quarterback parallel to the line of scrimmage be A, the perpendicular distance of final location of the football from the line of scrimmage be B, and the distance of the final location of the football from its original location be C.


Consider the geometrical diagram for the incident.


Image Transcriptionclose

C 52 yards A 12 yards A

Step 2

From the above diagram, th...


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A 12.5 yards B(52.0 yards)-(12,0 yards) 40.0 yards


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