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A recent survey found that in a particular city of all poor children born in 1980, 11,500 enrolled in college, and 1024 graduated from college by age 24. Scale this rate to 100.

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Step 1

Scaling of data:

The scaling of data, or in other words, normalization of data is a mathematical operation which helps to express the data in a standard scale, usually in a scale of 0 to 1 or 0 to 100. The scaling of data is especially useful when it is difficult to determine the relative positions of the data values at a glance.

Denote a data value by x, the maximum value in the data set as max{x} and the minimum value in the data set as min{x}.

Then, the scaled value of x, denoted by x’ in a scale of 0 to 100 is

Step 2


Total number of poor children in the city, born in 1980, who enrolled in college, is 11,500. Thus, the maximum number of poor children in the city, born in 1980, who are capable of graduating by age 24 is max{x} = 11,500.

The number of poor children who actually graduated by age 24 is x = 1,024.

Logically, out of the 11,...


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