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A restaurant claims the customers receive their food in less than 16 minutes. A random sample of 39 customers finds a mean wait time for food to be 15.8 minutes with a population standard deviation of 4.9 minutes. At α = 0.04, can you support the organizations’ claim using the test statistic?

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Step 1

From the given information, the restaurant claims the customers receive their food in less than 16 minutes.


Null Hypothesis:


H0: µ=16.


Alternative Hypothesis:


Ha: µ<16.


Here, the alternative hypothesis is ‘less than’ case. Hence, the tail of the test is left tail test.


The value of test statistic is  ̵ 0.26 and it is obtained below:


From the given information, the sample mean is 15.8 and the population standard deviation is 4.9. The sample size is 39.


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х — и Z score: 15.8 –16 4.9 39 = -0.26

Step 2

The critical value is  ̶ 1.75 and it is calculated below:


From the given information, the level of significance is 0.04.

The critical va...

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