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A sample of 230 observations is selected from a normal population with a population standard deviation of 22. The sample mean is 17.

a) Determine the standard error of the mean. (Round your answer to 3 decimal places.)



b) Determine the 95% confidence interval for the population mean. (Use z Distribution Table.) (Round your answers to 3 decimal places.)

confidence interval _____________ and______________



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Step 1



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Sample mean F = 17 Sample size n= 230 Population standard deviation = o 22

Step 2


Standard error of the sample mean:


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Formula Calculation: 22 = 1.451 230 Standard error of the sample mean = 1.451

Step 3

b) To find 95% confidence interval for the p...


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Confidence level = 0.95 Level of significance = a = 1-0.95 = 0.05 Critical z-value = Zc = 1.96 ...Using z-table


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