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A student tirates a 25.0 mL aliquot of HCl with a buret of 1.002M NaOH. The initial uret reading was 0.02 mL ad the final buret reading was 27.80 mL. What is the concentration of the HCl solution?


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Step 1

The volume of NaOH consumed is subtracting final volume from initial volume.

V = 27.80 mL – 0.02 mL

    = 27.78 mL

Step 2

The relation between millilitres (mL) and liters (L) is written in equation(2).

1 mL = 0.001 L


Convert 27.78 mL into liters by using the above relation.

1.002 M
0.02778 L
n 0.02778 Lx 1.002 M
0.028 mol

Image Transcriptionclose

V 1.002 M 0.02778 L n 0.02778 Lx 1.002 M 0.028 mol


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