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A telephone poll of 850 American adults asked "where would you rather go in your spare time? one response by 255 adults was " the mall".  Compute and explain a 98% confidence interval estimate of the porporation of all American adults who would respond "the mall". 


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Step 1

Confidence Interval:

The form of the confidence interval is,

CI = Point estimate ± Margin of error

The approximate 100*(1–α)% confidence interval for the population proportion will be obtained using the formula given below:

Step 2

Obtain the sample proportion:

It is given that among a sample of 850 American adults, 255 adults responded of going to mall in their spare time.

The sample size is n = 850.

The number of specified characteristics is x = 255.

The sample proportion of adults who will respond of going to mall is obtained as 0.3 from the calculation given below:

Step 3

Obtain the critical value:

The given confidence level is 100*(1–α)% = 98%.

From the standard normal distribu...


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