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A thin 1.5-mm coating of glycerine has been placed between two microscope slides of width 1.0 cm and length 4.0 cm. Find the force required to pull one of the microscope slides at a constant speed of 0.30 m/s relative to the other slide.


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Step 1


Distance between two microscopic slides (d) = 1.5 mm = 1.5×10-3 m

Dynamic viscosity (η) = 1.5 Ns/m2.

Width of slides (b) = 1.0 cm

Length of slides (l) = 4.0 cm

Speed (v) = 0.3 m/s

Step 2

Area of slides is,


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A = bx1 1 = (1×10³ ×10² m) m)x(4 m². A = 4× 10

Step 3

Force required to pul...


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NAv (1.5 Ns/m² )× 4×10×0.3 1.5 x 10 F = 0.12 N


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