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A UCI student is running at her top speed of 5.1 m/s to catch a Shuttle bus, which is stopped at the bus stop. When the student is still a distance 42.0 m from the Shuttle bus, it starts to pull away, moving with a constant acceleration of 0.163 m/s2. For what distance does the student have to run at 5.1 m/s before she overtakes the bus?


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Step 1



Speed of the student = 5.1 m/s

Acceleration of the bus = 0.163 m/s2

Distance between the students and the bus = 42 m

Let, time taken by the student to overtake the bus = t sec

Step 2

Distance travelled by the student in time t


Image Transcriptionclose

where, is the velocity of the student is the time taken plug in the values

Step 3

Distance travelled by th...


Image Transcriptionclose

1 2=u2t+ 2 where u2 is the initial velocity of the bus = 0 t is the time taken a is the acceleration plug in the values 1 S20+x0.163x 1 2 20.082


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