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A uniform solid ball rolls smoothly along a floor, then up a ramp inclined at 20.2 o. It momentarily stops when it has rolled 1.13 m along the ramp. What was its initial speed?


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Step 1

Given data:

Angle = 20.2o

Distance rolled by the solid ball, d = 1.13

Step 2

Kinetic energy of the wheel = rotational kinetic energy + translational energy


Image Transcriptionclose

I + КЕ m 2 2 1 1 2 5 2 7 10 I

Step 3

From the conservatio...


Image Transcriptionclose

7 mgd sin 0 my 10 10 v gdsin 10 x9.8 x 1.13x sin 20.2° 7 2.337 m/s


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