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a. From a standard shuffled deck of cards, find the following probabilities:

  1. A draw of two cards without replacement that result in a face card then a four

b. The table below represents the results of gender prediction from an ultrasound


Predicted Male

Predicted Female

Baby is Male



Baby is Female



Find the following probabilities:

  1. Correct Prediction
  2. Prediction is male given that the baby is male

Expert Answer

Step 1


a. From a standard shuffled deck of cards, find the following probabilities:

  1. A draw of two cards without replacement that result in a face card then a four

Answer: Since there are 12 face cards in deck of cards and 4 cards four.

Therefore, the result is a face card and then a four is:



Image Transcriptionclose

12 4 -X x - - 0.0181 52 51

Step 2

b. Find the following probabilities:

a. Correct prediction.

We are given the following table:



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Predicted Male Predicted Female Total Baby is Male 74 12 86 Baby is Female 14 59 73 Total 88 71 159

Step 3

Therefore, the probability of the corr...


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74+59 133 0.8365 159 159


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