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A 29.0 cm long spring is hung vertically from a ceiling and stretches to 37.5 cm when an 8.50 kg mass is hung from its free end.
Find the spring constant (in N/m).
Find the length of the spring (in cm) if the 8.50 kg weight is replaced with a 175 N weight.

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Step 1


Initial length of the spring = 29.5 cm

Weight from the spring = 8.5 kg weight

Final length of the spring = 37.5 cm

Step 2

Calculating the spring co...


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Force applied on the spring, F = mg = 8.5kg x (9.8m/s')=83.3N Elongation in spring, x = 37.5cm – 29.5cm = 8cm = 0.08m Using relation, F = kx F 83.3N We can find the spring constant as, k== =1041.25N/ m 0.08m k=1041.25N/m


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