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Ammonia and gaseous hydrogen chloride combine to form ammonium chloride. 

NH3(g) + HCl(g) -------> NH4Cl(s)

If 4.21g of NH3(g) at 27 degrees Celsius and 1.02atm is combined with 5.35L of HCl(g) at 26 degrees Celsius and 0.998atm, what mass of NH4Cl is produced? Which gas is the limiting reactant? Which gas is present in excess?


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Given that the mass of ammonia is 4.21 g which combines with HC...


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NH, + HC1→ NH,C1 mass No.of moles of NH, molar mass 4.21g 17.03 1g/mol =0.247mol PV No.of moles of HC1=- RT 0.998 atm×5.35 L n= 0.0821L.atm/mol.K×299K =0.218 mol


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