An electromagnetic wave has a frequency of 7.894 x 10^7 Hz. What is the wavelength?

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Q: The energy E of the electron In a hydrogen atom can be calculated from the Bohr formula: R. E = In t...

A: when electron jumps from n= 4 to n=2  ∆E= 13.6 eV [1n21-1n22] n1= lower energy =2 n2 = higher energy...

Q: Determine the product and give a detailed mechanism for the reaction below.

A: Given reaction is the reaction of ketone with grignard reagent to form alcohol.

Q: The heat of combustion of 2-propanol at 298.15 K, determined at 1 atm, is -33.41 kJ/g. For the combu...

A: Given that,  Temperature = 298.15K and pressure = 1 atm These are the conditions of STP, hence volum...

Q: What is the molarity of a 1.3 L solution containing 46 g of KCN?  0.288 M

A: Click to see the answer

Q: How many chiral centers are there in the following compound? Н—с — оН НО —с —н Н—с —он Н—с —он CH2OH

A: Chiral center- Center which is attached to 4 different atoms/ groups.  

Q: Methane and carbon dioxide generation by anaerobic digestion can be calculated using the ollowing eq...

A: Ethanol (also called ethyl alcohol, grain alcohol, drinking alcohol, spirits, or simply alcohol) is ...

Q: It refers to the standard pressure: A 1.0torr B.76 cmHg C.760 psi D.760 atm

A: Step : 1               The required answer for the question is follows as :

Q: draw the condensed formulas for the carboxylic acid and alcohol that form these esters:

A: Esters are formed by combination of alcohol and carboxylic acid with elimination of water from them ...

Q: Which of the following ALWAYS violates the octet rule? O a. F O b. H OC.P O d. S O e. CI

A: Answer is C. &  C,N,O,F elements are show always to be obey octet rule. second Raw elements neve...