Living by Chemistry - 2nd Edition - by Angelica M. Stacy - ISBN 9781464142314
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Living by Chemistry
2nd Edition
Angelica M. Stacy
Publisher: W. H. Freeman
ISBN: 9781464142314

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Chapter U1.10 - Breaking The Code: The Periodic TableChapter U1.11 - Atomic Pudding: Models Of The AtomChapter U1.12 - Atoms By Numbers: Atomic Number And Atomic MassChapter U1.13 - Subatomic Heavyweights: IsotopesChapter U1.14 - Isotopia: Stable And Radioactive IsotopesChapter U1.15 - Nuclear Quest: Nuclear ReactionsChapter U1.16 - Old Gold: Formation Of ElementsChapter U1.17 - Technicolor Atoms: Flame TestsChapter U1.18 - Life On The Edge: Valence And Core ElectronsChapter U1.19 - Noble Gas Envy: IonsChapter U1.20 - Getting Connected: Ionic CompoundsChapter U1.21 - Salty Eights: Formulas For Ionic CompoundsChapter U1.22 - Isn't It Ionic? Polyatomic IonsChapter U1.23 - Alchemy Of Paint: Transition Metal ChemistryChapter U1.24 - Shell Game: Electron ConfigurationsChapter U1.25 - You Light Up My Life: Classifying SubstancesChapter U1.26 - Electron Glue: BondingChapter U1.27 - Electrons On The Move: Electroplating MetalsChapter U2 - Smells: Molecular Structure And PropertiesChapter U2.28 - Sniffing Around: Molecular FormulasChapter U2.29 - Molecules In Two Dimensions: Structural FormulasChapter U2.30 - Honc If You Like Molecules: Bonding TendenciesChapter U2.31 - Connect The Dots: Lewis Dot SymbolsChapter U2.32 - Eight Is Enough: Octet RuleChapter U2.33 - Where's The Fun?: Functional GroupsChapter U2.34 - Create A Smell: Ester SynthesisChapter U2.35 - Making Scents: Analyzing Ester SynthesisChapter U2.36 - New Smells, New Ideas: Ball-and -stick ModelsChapter U2.37 - Two's Company: Electron DomainsChapter U2.38 - Let's Build It: Molecular ShapeChapter U2.39 - What Shape Is That Smell?: Space-filling ModelsChapter U2.40 - Sorting It Out: Shape And SmellChapter U2.41 - How Does The Nose Know? Receptor Site TheoryChapter U2.42 - Attractive Molecules: Attractions Between MoleculesChapter U2.43 - Polar Bears And Penguine: Electronegativity And PolarityChapter U2.44 - Thinking (electro) Negatively: Electronegativity ScaleChapter U2.45 - I Can Relate: Polar Molecules And SmellChapter U2.46 - Sniffing It Out: Phase, Size, Polarity , And SmellChapter U2.47 - Mirror, Mirror: Mirror-image IsomersChapter U2.48 - Protein Origami: Amino Acids And ProteinsChapter U3 - Weather: Phase Changes And Behaviour Of GasesChapter U3.49 - Weather Of Not: Weather ScienceChapter U3.50 - Raindrops Keep Falling: Measuring LiquidsChapter U3.51 - Having A Meltdown: Density Of Liquids And SolidsChapter U3.52 - Hot Enough: ThermometersChapter U3.53 - Absolute Zero: Kelvin ScaleChapter U3.54 - Sorry, Charlie: Charles's LawChapter U3.55 - Front And Center: Density, Temperature, And FrontsChapter U3.56 - It's Sublime: Gas DensityChapter U3.57 - Air Force: Air PressureChapter U3.58 - Feeling Under Pressure: Boyle's LawChapter U3.59 - Egg In A Bottle: Gay-lussac's LawChapter U3.60 - Be The Molecule: Molecular View Of PressureChapter U3.61 - What Goes Up: Combined Gas LawChapter U3.62 - Cloud In A Bottle: High And Low Air PressureChapter U3.63 - N Is For Number: Pressure And Number DensityChapter U3.64 - Stp: The Mole And Avogadro's LawChapter U3.65 - Take A Breath: Ideal Gas LawChapter U3.66 - Feeling Humid: Humidity, CondensationChapter U3.67 - Hurricane!: Extreme Physical ChangeChapter U4 - Toxins: Stoichiometry, Solution Chemistry, And Acids And BasesChapter U4.68 - Toxic Reactions: Chemical EquationsChapter U4.69 - Making Predictions: Observing ChangeChapter U4.70 - Spare Change: Physical Versus Chemical ChangeChapter U4.71 - Some Things Never Change: Conservation Of MassChapter U4.72 - Atom Inventory: Balancing Chemical EquationsChapter U4.73 - What's Your Reaction?: Types Of ReactionsChapter U4.74 - Lethal Dose: ToxicityChapter U4.75 - Make It Count: Counting By WeighingChapter U4.76 - Billions And Billions: Avogadro's NumberChapter U4.77 - What's In A Mole?: Molar MassChapter U4.78 - Mountains Into Molehills: Mass-mole ConversionsChapter U4.79 - How Sweet It Is: Comparing AmountsChapter U4.80 - Bearly Alive: Solution ConcentrationChapter U4.81 - Drop In: Molecular ViewsChapter U4.82 - Holey Moley: Preparing SolutionsChapter U4.83 - Is It Toxic? Mystery SolutionsChapter U4.84 - Heartburn: Acids And BasesChapter U4.85 - Pass The Proton: Acid-base TheoriesChapter U4.86 - Phooer!:[h+] And PhChapter U4.87 - Watered Down: DilutionChapter U4.88 - Neutral Territory: Neutralization ReactionsChapter U4.89 - Drip Drop: TitrationChapter U4.90 - Solid Evidence: Precipitation ReactionsChapter U4.91 - Mole To Mole: Mole RatiosChapter U4.92 - Mole Tunnel: StoichiometryChapter U4.93 - Get The Lead Out: Limiting Reactant And Percent YieldChapter U5 - Fire: Energy , Thermodynamics, And Oxidation-reductionChapter U5.94 - Fired Up!: Energy ChangesChapter U5.95 - Not So Hot: Exothermic And EndothermicChapter U5.96 - Point Of View: First And Second LawsChapter U5.97 - Heat Versus Temperature: Heat TransferChapter U5.98 - The Heat Is On: Specific Heat CapacityChapter U5.99 - Where's The Heat?: Heat And Phase ChangesChapter U5.100 - You're Fird!: CombustionChapter U5.101 - Now We're Cooking: CalorimetryChapter U5.102 - Counting Calories: Calorimetry CalculationsChapter U5.103 - Fuelish Choices: Heat Of CombustionChapter U5.104 - Make It Or Break It: Bond EnergyChapter U5.105 - Over The Hill: Reversing ReactionsChapter U5.106 - Speed Things Up: Rate Of ReactionChapter U5.107 - Make It Work:workChapter U5.108 - Metal Magic: OxidationChapter U5.109 - Pumping Iron: Heat Of FormationChapter U5.110 - Electron Cravings: Oxidation-reductionChapter U5.111 - The Active Life: Activity Of MetalsChapter U5.112 - Current Events: Electrochemical CellChapter U5.113 - All Aglow: Light EnergyChapter U5.114 - Now You See: Light WavesChapter U5.115 - Beyond What You See: Electromagnetic RadiationChapter U5.116 - How Absorbing: SpectroscopyChapter U6 - Showtime: Reversible Reactions And Chemical EquilibriumChapter U6.117 - Chemical EquilibriumChapter U6.118 - How Backward: Reversible ReactionsChapter U6.119 - How Dynamic: Dynamic EquilibriumChapter U6.120 - How Favorable: Equilibrium Constank KChapter U6.121 - How Balanced: Equilibrium CalculationsChapter U6.122 - How Pushy: Le Chatelier's PrincipleChapter U6.123 - How Colorful: Applying Le Chatelier's Principle

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