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Any tips for naming polyatomic ions?  I can't figure out a pattern for how to name them.  Is there a way to look at the periodic table to find the charges or do I just have to straight memorize them?


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Step 1

Suffixes of polyatomic ion:

Oxyanions have suffixes “ate” and “ite.”  Oxyanions with suffix “ate” have one additional oxygen atom.  However, oxyanions with suffix  “ite” have one less oxygen atom.  An example, the sulfite ion has three oxygen atoms whereas the sulfate ion has four oxygen atoms.

Step 2

Prefix of poyatomic ion:

 “per” and “hypo” are two important prefix.  An ion with “per” prefix has one more oxygen atom than does the ion with as “ate” suffix.  Whereas an ion with “hypo” prefix, it implies that the ion has one less oxy...

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