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Arrange the following atoms in order of increasing atomic radii: Se, Sb, Br, and Te



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Step 1

The periodic table is a tabular form of all known elements. in this table all the elements are arranged in the increasing order of their atomic number. The entire table consists of 18 vertical columns called as groups and 7 horizantal rows called as periods.Atomic radius increases top to bottom in a group and decreases from left to right in period due to nuclear charge.

Step 2

Br < Se < Te < Sb

when we move from top to bottom atomic size increases due to increase of number of shell.

Along the period trend (Te<Sb), down the group trend (Se<Te) and along the perio...

As Se Br
Sb Te
Bi Po At

Image Transcriptionclose

NOF P S C As Se Br Sb Te Bi Po At LL


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