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Balance each redox reaction in acid solution using half reaction methodH2O2 + Cr2O72- → O2 + Cr3+


Balance each redox reaction in acid solution using half reaction method

H2O2 + Cr2O72- → O2 + Cr3+

Step 1

Redox reactions are those reactions in which one species loses electrons and gets oxidized while the other one gains the electron and gets reduced.

The species can be identified as being oxidized or reduced on comparison of their oxidation number in the reactant side  and product side.

  • If the oxidation number increases , i.e. becomes more positive or less negative than that in reactants, the species is said to be oxidized .
  • If the oxidation number decreases , i.e. becomes more negative or less positive than that in reactants, the species is said to be reduced.

The oxidation and reduction halves can be separated and these are called as half reactions.

Step 2

In order to balance the reaction,  oxidation states can be written on the atoms of different species and species undergoing oxidation and reduction can be identified as below. 

Also, the oxidation and reduction halves can be written as:


Step 3

Balancing of Oxidation half reacti...


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