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Based on the balanced equation,

Al2O3 + 3SO3 → Al2(SO4)3

calculate the formula units of Al2(SO4)3 formed when 123 molecules of SO3 are reacted.


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Step 1

The molecules that present inside any substance can be determined by calculating the number of moles. These moles are then multiplied by the Avogadro’s number to get the molecules present in the substance.

Step 2

The given balanced reaction is shown below.


Image Transcriptionclose

Al,o, +3SOA (So.);

Step 3

From the above balanced reaction, it is clear that one molecule of Al2(SO4)3 is produced by 3 molecules of SO3. Therefore, the number of molecules of Al...


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1 molecule of Al, (SO4) 3 molecules of SO 123 molecules of SOg - = 41molecule of Al, (SO4)


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