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Calculate the dosage in milligrams per kilogram body weight for a 150 lblb adult who takes two aspirin tablets containing 0.324 gg of aspirin each.
Express your answer using three significant figures.
Calculate the dosage for a 65 lblb child who also takes two aspirin tablets.
Express your answer using two significant figures.

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Step 1
  1. The dosage in milligrams per kilogram body weight for a 150 lb adult is to be calculated who takes two aspirin tablets containing 0.324 g of aspirin each.
  2. The dosage for a 65 lb child who also takes two aspirin tablets is to be calculated.
Step 2

The dosage is the amount of medicine that a person takes or should take, depending on the body weight.

Step 3
  1. Now, first calculate the weight of adult in kg.

1 lb = 0.454 kg

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