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Calculate the energy for the transition of an electron from the n = 7 level to the n = 5 level of a hydrogen atom.

E =_______Joules

Is this an Absorption (A) or an Emission (E) process ? 


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Step 1

From Rydberg equation, the energy of electron transition can be calculated as given below.


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1 -RH 1 1 hc 1 1 -hcR 2 n 1 E -2.18x 10-18 1 2 2 n Where,h Planck's constant =6.626 x 10-34 Js c Velocity of light=3x105 m / s Rydberg constant =1.0974x 107 m R H

Step 2

Here, ni is 7 and nf is 5. Now, putting all the values in the above energy equati...


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1 E -2.18 x 10-18 J 1 1 =-2.18 x10-18 J 72 52 - 4.2728 x 1020 J


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