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Calculate the wavelength (in nm) of light with energy 1.83×10−20 J per photon.
For light of wavelength 450 nm, calculate the number of photons per joule.
Enter your answer in scientific notation.
Determine the binding energy (in eV) of a metal if the kinetic energy possessed by an ejected electron (using one of the photons with wavelength 450 nm) is 2.93×10−19 J.


Expert Answer

Step 1

Wavelength can be calculated using the given equation:


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hc E= hc 2 = E 6.626x 1034 J.sx3x 108 m/s 1.83x1020 J -1.0862x10m 10862nm

Step 2

Number of photons per joule can be calc...


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hc E = 6.626x1034 J.sx3x 10 m/s 450x10 m 4.42x1019 J 4.42x10-19 J >1Photon 1 No.of photons perjoule= 4.42x1019 J -2.26x 1018 photons/J


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