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Step 1

Please see the white board. Also, Recall the famous rule of differentiation:

  • d(xn) / dx = nxn-1
  • d[log(x...

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Q: Determine the sum of the following series. (분) T1-1

A: we have to find  sum of series .Series is given as:


Q: if logx y = z, which variable(s) must always be positive

A: logxy = zWith respect to logarithm:The base of a logarithm should always be positive and not equal t...


Q: Graph the following function.  Then use geometry to find the area and net area of the region describ...

A: Graphed the lines first. Area between y=3x-6,x axis and x=8 is above the x -axis (Blue shaded area)....


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A: Given, 


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A: The quantity (in pounds) of a gourmet ground coffee sold at the price of p dollars per pound is give...


Q: Determine if y=e2x −x+1 is a solution to y′−2x=−3+2y.

A: The given differential equation is  y′−2x=−3+2y.The solution of the deferential equation is given as...


Q: Write the iterated integral for a sphere centered at (0,0,0) with a radius of 2. Use the order dz dx...

A: From the given the sphere equation is x2+y2+z2=22.


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A: Part (a)The future value amount should be equal to A = $ 1,000,000.Please see the white board.The mi...


Q: Can somebody help me on how to evaluate the integral.

A: Refer to the question, first evaluate the given integral in indefinite form that is with the limits.