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Commercially available concentrated sulfuric acid is 18.0 M H2SO4. Calculate the volume (in mL) of concentrated sulfuric acid required to prepare 1.90 L of 0.385 M H2SO4 solution.


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Step 1

Dilution is a process via which the concentration of a solution is decreased by adding extra solvent.

The dilution equation is shown below.

MV, - М,V,

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M2V2 MV, - М,V,

Step 2

Given data:

Iniial concentration of sulfuric acid (M, ) = 18.0 M
Final concentration of sulfuric acid (M,) = 0.3 85 M
Final volume of sulfuric acid(V,) = 1.90 L

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Iniial concentration of sulfuric acid (M, ) = 18.0 M Final concentration of sulfuric acid (M,) = 0.3 85 M Final volume of sulfuric acid(V,) = 1.90 L

Step 3

The volume of the concentrated sulfuric acid (V1) is ...

м,у, - м,V,

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(1) м,у, - м,V,


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