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Consider the substituted cyclohexane shown in the ball-and-stick model.
a. Label the substituents on C1, C2, and C4 as axial or equatorial.
b. Are the substituents on C1 and C2 cis or trans to each other?
c. Are the substituents on C2 and C4 cis or trans to each other?
d. Draw the second possible conformation in the chair form, and classify it as more stable or less stable than the conformation shown in the three-dimensional model.


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The given ball and stick model of substituted cyclohexane is, C4 CI Figure 1 In ball-and-stick model, each colored ball represents a specific atom and each stick represents a bond. In this model, each black ball represents C atom, each gray ball represents H atom, and each dark red ball represents Br atom.

Step 2

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Thus, the structure of given compound is, Н Н 6. 4 CH3 НС -H- CHз Br CHз Figure 2 In substituted cyclohexane (Figure 2), • At C1, methyl (–CH3) substituent is present on axial position. • At C2, bromo (–Br) substituent is present on equatorial position. • At C4, isopropyl (-CH(CH3),) substituent is present on equatorial position. 3. 2.

Step 3

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Hence, the substituents on C1, C2, and C4 are labeled as, Н 6. н CHз Н equatorial НС H. -H- 3 CH3 H. Вг CHз I equatorial axial Figure 3 I.


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