Organic Chemistry: A Guided Inquiry - 2nd Edition - by Andrei Straumanis - ISBN 9780618974122

Organic Chemistry: A Guided Inquiry
2nd Edition
Andrei Straumanis
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9780618974122

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Organic Chemistry, A Guided Inquiry is designed for use as a supplement to a traditional text to encourage active and collaborative learning in the classroom. A companion to full-year organic chemistry courses, this student activity book incorporates new methods for teaching chemistry that reflect current research on how students learn. The purpose of the guided inquiry approach is to teach students to think analytically and collaboratively in teams, like scientists do, rather than teaching them to memorize important conclusions arrived at by great scientists of the past. By looking carefully at new problems, constructing logical conclusions based on observations, and discussing the merits of their conclusions with peers, students develop a stronger conceptual understanding of and appreciation for the material. Honing their logical and empirical skills enables students to better pursue not only chemistry, but any other complex sets of ideas.

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Custom eBook for Organic Chemistry
2nd Edition
ISBN: 9798214171104

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