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Construct a boxplot for these numbers of state sites for Frogwatch U.S.A Is the distribution symmetric?

421, 395, 314, 294, 289, 253, 242, 238, 235, 199


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Step 1

The given data is arranged in ascending order as shown below

199, 235, 238, 242, 253, 289, 294, 314, 395, 421

The median of the data distribution is the middle value. The middle value in the given data set is average of fifth (253) and sixth (289) from the data set. The median is 271 as shown below.

The first quartile is middle number between lowest number and median which is third value in data set 238. The third quartile is middle number between median and the highest number which is eigth value 314.



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Median- 253+289 = 271 2

Step 2

We plot a number line and plot first, third queartiles and ...


Image Transcriptionclose

150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500


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