Define Invertible Matrices. Give an example. 

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Q: Ethan has the same number of male classmates as female classmates. His classmate Olivia has three-fo...

A: Let there are x students in the class. Ethan is a male student. Other than Ethan there are (x-1) stu...

Q: The present ages of Deklerk and Saniya are in the ratio 3:4. Five years from now, the ratio of their...

A: Let the present age of Deklerk is 3x year and the present age of Saniya is 4x year.

Q: An investor invests 5000 dollars at 10% and the rest at 5%. How much was invested at 5% if the yield...

A: An investor invests 5000 dollars at 10%, which is one-fifth of the amount.

Q: The sum of two positive numbers is 4 and the sum of their cubes is 28. What is the product of the tw...

A: Click to see the answer

Q: √-4 √-9 I need step by step instructions.

A: Given the product is

Q: The area of a rectangle is x2 + 4x -12. What are the dimensions of the rectangle (length and width)?

A: Given:The area of a rectangle is x2 + 4x -12.It is known that, for a rectangle,

Q: 9. Consider the following linear equation: % x+ %v = 6. The point at which the line crosses the x-ax...

A: When the line crosses x axis , then y=0

Q: 10.Consider the following linear equation x + % 1. 3. = 12 It is desired to remove the fractions fro...

A: Consider the provided linear equation,

Q: In regards to question 3, how do you answer B, C, and D?

A: The real roots of the graph of a polynomial are the x intercepts of the graph of the function.