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Determine the critical values for a two tailed test of a population mean at the a=0.01 level of significance based on a sample size of n=29. 


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Step 1

The test is of a population mean. The sample size is 29.

That is sample size is less than 30 for this test. Hence, t-test is used here.

Here the level of significance is 0.01.

α = 0.01. (α/2) = 0.005.

The degrees of freedom n -1 = 29 - 1 = 28.

For two tailed test, the critical values are,

Step 2

The critical value can be found from the below table,

Step 3


  • Locate the degrees of freedom 28 in the first column.
  • Locate 0.01 in two tail row.
  • Corresponding to ...

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