Determine the simple interest rate at which $1200 will grow to $1276 in 8 months. (Round your answer to two decimal places.)

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Q: 23x-6-18x+3 = 19x -3-14x+17  is x =

A: On both sides rearrange terms and combine like terms.

Q: Write  An equation in a) standard form and b) in slope intercept form for the line describe through ...

A: It is given that the line passes through (8,4) parallel to y = –8.a) The standard form of the equati...

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Q: What is the equation of a line passing through (3,-2) and (2,5) in standard form?

A: To determine the equation of line passing through the points (3, -2) and (2, 5).

Q: Write in terms of simpler forms  logbM8

A: Given, 

Q: Solve: 6(3x-1)=8-(10x-14)

A: Firstly, we simplify brackets on both sides of equation.

Q: I need help finding the slope of this equation   y=5/6x−4

A: To determine the slope for the straight line with equation y = (5/6)x -4