Differentiate the given by implicit differentiation

x3 - xy + y3 =1

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A: We know, sin(A+B)=sinAcosB+cosAsinB sin(A-B)=sinAcosB-cosAsinB  

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Q: Use the addition formulas to derive the identities

A: We will use cos(A-B)=cosAcosB+sinAsinB formula with A=x and B=π/2  

Q: Does the equation 3x + y2 = 10 define y as a function of x?

A: We will solve the equation for y first.  

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A: Given Data The function is f(x,y)=3xy²-xᶟ.   Differentiate the function f(x,y)=3xy²-xᶟ with respect ...

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A: We will compare the line with y=mx+b Comparing we get: m=slope=2/5 and b=y-intercept=-1  

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A: We first find f'(t) and f"(t)