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distinguish between antiseptics and disinfectants. Are the terms interchangeable?


explain quantitative and qualitative proceedure in effects of chemicals in microbial populations.


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Disinfectants and antiseptic are used in living and non-living environments. Disinfectants and antiseptics are basically used for various topical and hard surface applications in hospitals and health care settings.

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The difference between antiseptics and disinfectants are as follows:


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Antiseptics A substance that hinders or A chemical agent that slows down the microbial destroys bacteria is known growth is known as as a disinfectant | antiseptics Criteria Disinfectants Definition Application They are used on living They used tissues and cells to destroy household items to protect them from germs and from spreading on are any type of infections. colds people

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All the antiseptics are disinfectants, but all the disinfectants are not antiseptics. It is the concen...

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