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$1.00 buys 1.10 liters of gasoline

1 liter = 100cm^3   , 1 in = 2.54 cm, 1 gal = 231 in^3

how many dollars would it take to fill an 11.4 gallon tank?

Show conversion from gallon to liters using the factors listed above.


Expert Answer

Step 1

Write the conversion of 11.4 gallon to liters.


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231in3(2.54 cm) 1021 114gallon 11.4gallon x gallon X cm 3 in 3 = 431.531

Step 2

For 1.10l it costs 1$, write the conversion to calc...


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1.101-1$ 1 11 1.10 0.909$ for 431.531 431.53x0.909$ 392.3$


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