East Alabama Medical Center uses nonfinancial performance measures to track the following objectives:•Maintain and improve the quality of clinical services.•Improve patient service.•Enhance employee recruitment and retention.(a) Link each of these objectives to one of the four balanced scorecard perspectives.Objective PerspectiveMaintain and improve the quality of clinical services  FinancialLearning & growthInternal business processesCustomerImprove patient service  Learning & growthInternal business processesFinancialCustomerEnhance employee recruitment and retention  Learning & growthCustomerInternal business processesFinancial(b) Identify where on a balanced scorecard you would most likely find the following metrics:Metric Perspective• Patient satisfaction score  Internal business processesFinancialCustomerLearning & growth• Number of medication errors  Internal business processesLearning & growthFinancialCustomer• Nursing turnover rate  Internal business processesLearning & growthFinancialCustomer• Readmission rate  Learning & growthInternal business processesFinancialCustomer• Number of new hires  CustomerInternal business processesLearning & growthFinancial• Emergency room wait time before treatment  CustomerFinancialInternal business processesLearning & growth• Nurse-to-patient ratio  Learning & growthFinancialCustomerInternal business processes• Likelihood of patient recommending the hospital  FinancialLearning & growthInternal business processesCustomer• Number of patient complaints  Learning & growthCustomerInternal business processesFinancial• Employee satisfaction with incentive systems  FinancialLearning & growthCustomerInternal business processes  Click if you would like to Show Work for this question:Open Show Work

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East Alabama Medical Center uses nonfinancial performance measures to track the following objectives:

Maintain and improve the quality of clinical services.
Improve patient service.
Enhance employee recruitment and retention.

(a) Link each of these objectives to one of the four balanced scorecard perspectives.

Objective   Perspective
Maintain and improve the quality of clinical services  
 FinancialLearning & growthInternal business processesCustomer
Improve patient service  
 Learning & growthInternal business processesFinancialCustomer
Enhance employee recruitment and retention  
 Learning & growthCustomerInternal business processesFinancial

(b) Identify where on a balanced scorecard you would most likely find the following metrics:

Metric   Perspective
• Patient satisfaction score  
 Internal business processesFinancialCustomerLearning & growth
• Number of medication errors  
 Internal business processesLearning & growthFinancialCustomer
• Nursing turnover rate  
 Internal business processesLearning & growthFinancialCustomer
• Readmission rate  
 Learning & growthInternal business processesFinancialCustomer
• Number of new hires  
 CustomerInternal business processesLearning & growthFinancial
• Emergency room wait time before treatment  
 CustomerFinancialInternal business processesLearning & growth
• Nurse-to-patient ratio  
 Learning & growthFinancialCustomerInternal business processes
• Likelihood of patient recommending the hospital  
 FinancialLearning & growthInternal business processesCustomer
• Number of patient complaints  
 Learning & growthCustomerInternal business processesFinancial
• Employee satisfaction with incentive systems  
 FinancialLearning & growthCustomerInternal business processes


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Balanced Scorecard helps in evaluating a corporation using a  both financial and non-financial measures. It combines financial measures that tells the results of actions already taken with operational measures on customer  satisfaction, internal processes and the corporation's innovation and improvement activities...

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