Cornerstones of Cost Management (Cornerstones Series) - 4th Edition - by Don R. Hansen, Maryanne M. Mowen - ISBN 9781305970663

Cornerstones of Cost Management (Corner...
4th Edition
Don R. Hansen, Maryanne M. Mowen
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305970663

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Hansen/Mowen's CORNERSTONES OF COST MANAGEMENT, 4E demonstrates the dynamic nature of cost accounting in today's changing business environment. The text first covers functional-based cost and control and then activity-based cost systems, giving you the understanding and skills to manage any cost management system. Using extensive research on how students like you prefer to learn accounting, this book presents concepts in a unique format that speaks to how students learn. Cornerstones examples in each chapter emphasize the How, Why, and What-Ifs of basic cost management concepts, while delving into the conceptual nature of each equation or topic.

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Chapter 4, Problem 9CEChapter 4, Problem 22EChapter 4, Problem 30PChapter 4, Problem 36PChapter 4, Problem 38PChapter 5, Problem 1DQChapter 5, Problem 13EChapter 5, Problem 16EChapter 5, Problem 19EChapter 5, Problem 27PChapter 6, Problem 1DQChapter 6, Problem 8CEChapter 6, Problem 21EChapter 6, Problem 32PChapter 6, Problem 41PProcess Costing: Process costing is method of cost accounting in which all the costs that are...Chapter 7, Problem 1DQChapter 7, Problem 4CEChapter 7, Problem 5CEChapter 7, Problem 21EChapter 7, Problem 22EChapter 7, Problem 36PChapter 8, Problem 1DQCash Receipts: The amount that a company expects to collect from customers during the month,...Chapter 8, Problem 25EChapter 8, Problem 27EChapter 8, Problem 36PChapter 8, Problem 37PChapter 9, Problem 1DQChapter 9, Problem 29PChapter 9, Problem 30PChapter 9, Problem 32PChapter 9, Problem 33PChapter 9, Problem 38PDecentralization: It is an exercise of assigning the decision making power to the lower levels....Chapter 10, Problem 1CEChapter 10, Problem 10EChapter 10, Problem 16EChapter 10, Problem 17EChapter 10, Problem 29PChapter 11, Problem 1DQChapter 11, Problem 27PThe reason behind the P Work’s loss of money is unaware activities made by each customer. The huge...Chapter 11, Problem 29PChapter 11, Problem 32PChapter 12, Problem 1DQChapter 12, Problem 1CEChapter 12, Problem 25PChapter 12, Problem 27PChapter 12, Problem 30PChapter 13, Problem 1DQChapter 13, Problem 9EChapter 13, Problem 21PChapter 13, Problem 24PCycle time: Cycle time and velocity are two operational “measures of responsiveness”. Cycle time is...Chapter 14, Problem 1DQInterim quality performance report: Interim quality performance report compares the actual quality...Chapter 14, Problem 13EEnvironmental costs: Environmental costs are incurred due to poor environmental quality that may or...Chapter 14, Problem 35PChapter 14, Problem 36PChapter 14, Problem 39PLean Manufacturing: Lean manufacturing focuses on reducing the cost and minimizing the waste...Chapter 15, Problem 1CEChapter 15, Problem 4CEChapter 15, Problem 22PChapter 15, Problem 23PProductivity measurement: The productivity measurement refers to the quantitative assessment of the...Cost Volume Profit Analysis (CVP Analysis): The Cost volume profit (CVP) analysis is helpful in...Variable Cost: Variable costs refer to the costs that are involved in the production, and vary as...Chapter 16, Problem 32PBreak-Even in sales revenue: The break-even in sales revenue refers to the sales volume required to...Chapter 16, Problem 41PChapter 16, Problem 42PChapter 17, Problem 1DQChapter 17, Problem 12ETactical decision making: Tactical decision making is a process in which the company can choose the...Chapter 17, Problem 28PChapter 17, Problem 31PChapter 18, Problem 1DQChapter 18, Problem 28PChapter 18, Problem 29PChapter 18, Problem 31PContribution margin variance: Contribution margin variance reflects difference between the actual...Segment reporting is beneficial for an organization because segmental reporting focuses on the...Chapter 19, Problem 1DQNet cash flow: Net cash flow is the difference between cash receipts and cash payments. Year...Chapter 19, Problem 30PChapter 19, Problem 31PNet present value method (NVP): Net present value method is the method which is used to compare the...Chapter 20, Problem 1DQEconomic order quantity (EOQ): Economic order quantity is ideal order quantity that the company...Chapter 20, Problem 27PChapter 20, Problem 28PChapter 20, Problem 30P

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2nd Edition
ISBN: 9781111824402
Cornerstones of Cost Management
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ISBN: 9780357155905
4th Edition
ISBN: 8220103648561
Bundle: Cornerstones of Cost Management, Loose-Leaf Version, 4th + CengageNOWv2, 1 term Printed Access Card
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ISBN: 9781337539098
3rd Edition
ISBN: 8220100474972
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ISBN: 9781305147102
Cornerstones of Cost Management (Cornerstones Series)
3rd Edition
ISBN: 9781285751788

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