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Elemental phosphorus reacts with chlorine gas according to the equation
A reaction mixture initially contains 45.53 g P4 and 130.9 g Cl2.

Once the reaction has reached completion, what mass (in g) of the excess reactant is left?        
Express the mass in grams to three significant figures.

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Step 1

Given that the initial mass of P4 is 45.53 g and mass of Cl2 is 130.9 g. The initial moles of both reactants can be determined.


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mass No.of moles of P molar mass 45.53g 123.90g/mol -0.367mol No.of moles of molar mass mass 130.9g 70.91g/mo -1.846mol

Step 2

From the balanced equation, it can be seen that one mole P4 reacts w...


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P6C14PC 0.367 mol P, reacts with 6x0.367 moles of Cl, (2.202mol Cl,) No.of moles of Cl, required aremore than that of initialmoles of Cl Cl -Limiting reagent P4-Excessreagent


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