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Estimate the change in enthalpy (delta H) for the dissociation for HCl(g) into H+(g) and Cl-(g)

Ionization energy for H 1312 kJ/mol

Electron affinity for H (-72.8 kJ/mol)

Ionization energy for Cl 1251.2 kJ/mol

Electron affinity for Cl (-349 kJ/mol)


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Step 1

Bond dissociation energy(BDE) of HCl is 427 kJ.

The g...


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H(g)+ Clg) HCl(g) 427 kJ/mol BDEH-C н (?) >H* (g) + e 1312 kJ/mol IE Cl (g) cl(g)e EA= 349 kJ/mol HCl(g) >H* (g) + Cl (g) Dissociation reaction


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Chemical Thermodynamics

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