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Explain the four different types of sampling and give an example of each. 


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Step 1

Different types of sampling methods with examples.

Types of random samplings

(1) Simple random sampling

(2) Cluster sampling

(3) Systematic sampling

(4) Stratified random sampling

Step 2

(1) Simple random sampling:

One of the best probability sampling techniques that helps in saving time and resources, is the simple random sampling method. It is trustworthy method of obtaining information where every single member of population is chosen randomly, merely by chance and each individual has the exact same probability of being chosen to be a part of sample.


In an organization of 400 employees, if the HR team decides on conducting team building activities, it is highly likely that they would prefer picking chits out of a bowl. In this case, each of the 400 employees has an equal opportunity of being selected.

Step 3

(2) Cluster sampling:

Cluster sampling is a method where the researchers divide the entire population into sections or clusters that represent a population. Clusters are identified and included in a sample on the basis of defining demographic parameters such as age, location, sex etc.


If the government of the United ...

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