please solve and show your work

Factor 36x2- 49
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A: given that.

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A: For -12x+4y=12 we solve for y.For y=3x+3 make a table. 

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A: Plug f^-1(x)=(5x+15)/(x-1).  

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A: Firat try to get rid of 2x^3.

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A: Given,

Q: please solve and show your work

A: It is known that, the solutions of the equation

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A: Rewrite the given as follows.

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A: To calculate the real solution of the cubic equation.

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A: Denominator can never be zero in rational function. So 2x-6 is not zero, that means x is not 3All re...

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A: Definition:

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A: To graph the inequality and write the set in interval notation.

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A: To find x intercept set y=0 and solve for x.Answer: x intercepts = -4 , 3

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A: Subtract 12 from both sides. 

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A: Given equation is

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A: Given,

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A: Given: -

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A: Let the length of the second leg be x.Then the length of the first leg is x+22.From the given, the l...

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A: Consider the given equations as,

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A: According to rules of even or odd functions, if f(-x) = f(x), it's an even function, if f(-x)= -f(x)...

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A: Given that P = $250, A = $335.21, t = 14 yrs.

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A: Given:

Q: If g(t)=-9t3, evaluate g(1/3t).

A: The given function is,

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A: Given,

Q: Can  you please help me with the following question?   Please solve the three variables for this sys...

A: Consider the given equations.

Q: I have this function: f(x) = (x + 5)/(x^3 − 9x) I think I am told the domain is {+-3,0} But why does...

A: The domain that you are told is wrong, and definitely domain will also include -5, please take a loo...

Q: Troy and Lisa were shopping for school supplies. Each purchased different quantities of the same not...

A: It is given that troy bought two notebooks and two thumb drives for $34 and lisa bought three notebo...

Q: Disposable income is the amount available for spending and saving after taxes have been paid and is ...

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A: (a) There are totally 75 transistors out of which 6 are defective and 6 are selected at random. The ...

Q: g(x)=3x + 4 find g(-2)

A: Given,           g(x) = 3x + 4

Q: The demand function for a certain commodity is given by p = 100e−q/2. (p is the price per unit and q...

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Q: How do I solve this equation? And how do I determine what type of solution it is?

A: The given quadratic equation is,