Find the limits lim
(ln x)1/(x-e)

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A: Given, x2+8x+15=0

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Q: Showing L is not a limit We can prove that lim, f(x) # L by pro- viding an ɛ > 0 such that no possib...

A: Given: To Show: L is not a limit using given ε-δ condition

Q: Calculate without using a calculator. log3 27

A: we have to calculate the given expression log3 27

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A: To complete the square and to write the circle's equation in standard form x2+y2-2x+4y=4

Q: I noticed that the difference quotient is always zero if f(x) = c, where c is any constant.

A: Difference quotient is also known as definition of limit. f'x=limh→0fx+h-fxh Given function is fx=c,...

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Q: Evaluate the iterated integral by converting to polar coordinates.

A: Given: ∫02∫04-x2xdydx