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find the ph of a 0.20 M solution of sodium propionate NaC3H5O2Ka OF A PROPIONIC ACID,HC3H5O2, IS 1.34 x 10^-5 (NOTE; Kw=KaKb)


find the ph of a 0.20 M solution of sodium propionate NaC3H5O2
Ka OF A PROPIONIC ACID,HC3H5O2, IS 1.34 x 10^-5 (NOTE; Kw=KaKb)

Step 1

Acid-base reactions

An acid is the one which donates an H+ ion and a base is one accepts a H+ ion when in solution.

Step 2

Sodium propionate NaC3H5O2 solution = 0.20 M

Kw = KaKb

Ka for propionic acid = 1.34 x 10^-5



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