Find the side labeled x. (Round your answer to one decimal place.)
X =
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Find the side labeled x. (Round your answer to one decimal place.) X = 28 20 120

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Q: Solve sin2x=sinx for 0<x<2pi. Write solutins as simplified exact values.

A: We need to Solve sin 2x = sin x for 0 ≤ x < 2π.

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A: From the given equation we solve for cos x.

Q: The question is shown in the image.

A: Find the angle does tangent to the curve

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A: We know that,

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A: Consider the given trigonometric equation and interval.

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A: Given,          A bicycle with a 26-inch wheel (diameter) travels a distance of 200 feet.We know tha...

Q: What is the exact radian angle measure for pi degrees? the decimal approximation?

A: To convert an angle in degrees to radians, multiply the angle by,

Q: 39 36 33 What is the solution of log(2f+4) = log(14-30)2. DI18 D-2 O2 10 Mark this and return

A: Given, 

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A: It is given that, cot theta = –4.Compute the other five functional values as follows.

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A: Consider the given equation.

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A: To solve the given trigomometric eqution completely.

Q: Use a Double- or Half-Angle Formula to solve the equation in the interval [0, 2t). (Enter your answe...

A: Use the double angle formula as follows.

Q: cot2 x+1 2. sec(2a) 11 cot2 x - 1 1

A: We will start with the right side. Replace cot x by cosx/sinx Then use LCD to add or subtract fracti...

Q: Hw 20

A: Consider the provided equation,Let tan(x) = uSo, the given equation is written as,

Q: The question says to write the trigonometric expression in terms of sin and cos, and then simplify: ...

A: Given trignometric expression is 

Q: if the graph f passes through point (1,-5) the graph g(x)=f(x+6) much pass through which of the foll...

A: Since the graph f passes through point (1,-5), so we have

Q: 12 with A in QIII and find the following 13 Let sin A sin 2A

A: The given function is,

Q: Find the exact circular function value of cos (-2π/3)

A: Given,

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A: Consider the given trigonometric expression:

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A:  the value of AC=?

Q: Determine whether the equation is an identity. If it is an identity, prove it.   (sin x)/(1 - cos x)...

A: Given,

Q: How do I find the points to graph y= -2sin(1/4x) I understand that the period =8pi and the amplitude...

A: The graph of y = –2sin(x/4) is a reflection across the x axis and a horizontal stretching of the gra...

Q: Solvig hw 17

A: To find all the values of x satisfying the given equation , with x in the interval [0,2pi)

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A: To prove that

Q: The equation, with a restriction on x, is the terminal side the of an angle θ in standard position. ...

A: Given the equation with a restriction on x, is the terminal side of an angle in standard position.

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A: Compute the value of cos11pi/3 as follows.

Q: Use the given information to find each of the following. 1 with 0 x< 4 1. cos given cos x = 2' 2

A: Since x is in 0 to pi/2 So x/2 will be in 0 to pi/4.So x/2 is in first quadrant. So cos(x/2) will be...

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A: Given,

Q: cos2 0 1 sin = 1 sin 0 We begin by writing the right side of the equation in terms of sine using the...

A: To prove, in below statement L.H.S is equals to R.H.S.

Q: Prove that the following identity is true. cot 0 cos 0 + sin 0 = csc 0 We begin by writing the left ...

A: The given identity is,

Q: I am confused on how to set this problem up in order to solve for it.    Thanks much.

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Q: cos(pi/2) = ??? and cos(5pi/2) = ?????.

A: Given function is

Q: A bicycle wheel 26 inches in diameter travels at four revolutions per second. through how many radia...

A: Number of revolutions made by the wheel in 0.5 seconds is given as

Q: Write the expression in terms of sine and cosine, and simplify so that no quotients appear in the fi...

A: To simplify the given trigonometric expression in the required format

Q: establish the following identities: sin3x=(sinx)(4cos^2 x-1)

A: Given,

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A: The angle A is computed by the formula, the sum of the angle in a triangle is 180 degrees.

Q: (cos x)(csc x) = (cos x) ___

A: Consider the given information

Q: Learning Goal: Review | Constants To understand that adding vectors by using geometry and by using c...

A: A vector is defined by length and direction. So both expressions must the same length and direction ...