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Find z such that 8% of the standard normal curve lies to the right of z


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Step 1

Normal distribution:

The Normal distribution has a bell shaped curve and it is a continuous distribution. The normally distributed random variable x has mean µ and standard deviation  σ.

Also, the standard normal distribution represents a normal curve with mean 0 and standard deviation 1. Thus, the parameters involved in a normal distribution are mean µ and standard deviation σ.

Standardized z-score:

The standardized z-score represents the number of standard deviations the data point is away from the mean.

  • If the z-score takes positive value when it is above the mean (0).
  • If the z-score takes negative value when it is below the mean (0).
Step 2

Find z such that 8% of the standard normal curve lies to the right of z :

From the given information level of significance=0.08.

The required confidence level from left tail normal table=1-0.08 =0.92.

Procedure for finding the z-value is listed below:

  1. From the table of standard normal distribution, locate the probability value of 0.92.
  2. Move left until the first column is reached. Note the value as 1.4
  3. Move upward unt...

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