For the reaction 4A(g) + 3B(g)→2C(g) The following data were obtained at constant temperature: ExperimentInitial [A](mol/L)Initial [B](mol/L)Initial Rate(mol/L·min)10.1000.100520.3000.1004530.1000.2001040.3000.20090Determine the reaction order with respect to each reactant. Reaction order for A:     Reaction order for B:

Asked Oct 23, 2019

For the reaction


4A(g) + 3B(g)

The following data were obtained at constant temperature:

Initial [A]

Initial [B]

Initial Rate
1 0.100 0.100 5
2 0.300 0.100 45
3 0.100 0.200 10
4 0.300 0.200 90

Determine the reaction order with respect to each reactant.

Reaction order for A:
Reaction order for B:



Expert Answer

Step 1

Consider order of reaction w.r.t [A] as m and order of reaction w.r.t [B] as n.

The rate expression would be,

Rate = k[A]m[B]n

Step 2

Order with respect to reactant A:

From the given data, identify two reactions in which...


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k[A]T[B]" k[AJ"[B]" Rate Rate k[0.300]1"[0.100]" 45.0 k[0.100"[0.100] 9 (3) Take log on both sides 5.00 т log 9m log 3 =2 т . The reaction order with respect to reactant A is 2


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