f(x)=−0.5⋅x^4+3x^2 what are the interverls for concavity 


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A: First we draw the triangle. 

Q: Write the trigonometric expression as an algebraic expression

A: The given trigonometric expression is cos [cos-1(1/2) - sin-1 (√x)].

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A: If the rotation is clock-wise then the angle will be negative.

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Q: Part (a) and part (b)

A: Given values of the trigonometric ratios are 

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A: The graph of y = –2sin(x/4) is a reflection across the x axis and a horizontal stretching of the gra...

Q: vei The ldentit CX Tanxt SEEX-CSCX Tanx-

A: Prove the identity.

Q: Write a polar equation for the graph below. Enter theta for θ if needed.   *PHOTO INCLUDED BELOW

A: It is known that, the polar coordinates are x = rcos θ and y = rsin θ also the equation of a circle ...

Q: Please explain the solution in a clear manner, step by step.

A: We have to find height of regular hexagon with given information.Information is given below: