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Genes A and B are on different chromosomes. A dihybrid with the genotype AaBb undergoes meiosis. Which of the following depicts a possible genotype in a gamete?A) AaB) BbC) ABD) AE) AaBb


Genes A and B are on different chromosomes. A dihybrid with the genotype AaBb undergoes meiosis. Which of the following depicts a possible genotype in a gamete?

A) Aa

B) Bb


D) A

E) AaBb

Step 1

Genotype is the genetic makeup of and individual which determines the phenotype of an individual. In dihybrid cross two characters are crossed at a given time. The parents form gametes which are the carriers of genetic information to the next generation. Location of genes on the chromosomes determine the type of segregation pattern, linkage or independent assortment.

According to the question the genotype of dihybrid individual is AaBb, A and B genes are present on the different chromosomes. The genes are not linked thus they assort independently

Step 2

AB genotype is the correct answer.

The possible genotypes of dihybrid parent with genotype AaBb can show only 4 possible combinations in the gametes. AB, Ab, aB, ab. Meiosis is the process through which haploid gametes are formed. Thus, the correct answer is C.

Step 3

Option A is not correct.

Aa is not possible in the given cross because Aa are the alleles of same gene. The alleles from a gene separate during the process of meiosis. The segregation of alleles follows the independent assortment law which states that the separation of one allele is independent of the other alleles. Thus, it is not the correct answer.

Option B is not correct.

Bb are the alleles of the same gene. During meiosis the alleles separate independently to form gametes. Th...

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