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Give the oxidation numbers for the specified atoms in the following molecules and ions.
(a) Mg3N2


(b) CaC2


(c) ZnO22−


(d) NaBH4


(e) C2O42−


(f) WO42−


Expert Answer

Step 1
  • Mg3N2

    N: Assume that the oxidation state of N = x

Oxidation sate of Mg = 2

  • The sum of oxidation numbers of all the elements in the given molecule is equal to zero.

3(2) + 2x= 0

2x = -6

x = -6/2 = -3

Step 2

(b) CaC2
C:    Assume that the oxidation state of C = x

Oxidation sate of Ca  = +2

  • The sum of oxidation numbers of all the elements in the given molecule is equal to zero.

2 + 2 x = 0

2x = -2

x = -2/2 = -1

Step 3

(c) ZnO22−
O: Assume that the oxidation state of O

Oxidation sate of Zn = +2

The sum of oxidation numbers of all the elements in the given molecule is equal to zero. While in case of ion...

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