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Given that the Kf for t-butyl alcohol is 9.01 degrees celcius/m, and that the freezing point of pure t-butyl  alcohol is 25 degrees celcius, determine the freezing point of a solution made of 2.029 grams of water in 50.0 grams of t-butyl alcohol.


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Depression in freezing point can be determin...

AT ixKxmolality
no.of moles of H20
mass of t-butylalcoholinkg
1x9.01 C0.1127 mol

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AT ixKxmolality no.of moles of H20 mass of t-butylalcoholinkg =1x9.01x m 1x9.01 C0.1127 mol 0.05kg m =20.31°C


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